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Indian River Lagoon and Coconut Point

Environmental Health

Indian River Lagoon

Along Florida’s east coast between the barrier islands exists the Indian River Lagoon. This shallow estuary where salt water from the Atlantic Ocean blends with freshwater from the land and tributaries, is where Indian River County got its name. For more information, visit the Indian River Lagoon National Estuary Program.

Coconut Point

This atmospheric pollution data is very important in determining the rate that pollutants enter the Lagoon. This information assists in making key management decisions particularly when investigating the reasons for biological catastrophe of the super algae bloom of 2011. For information on the superbloom, read the Indian River Lagoon Superbloom Plan of Investigation document on the St. John's River Water Management District website.

Monitoring results are maintained on the Storet Public Access (SPA) website through the Florida Department of Environmental Protection. Visit the Environmental Protection Agency Clear Air Status and Trends Network (CASTNET) webpage for more information.