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Complaint Investigations

Environmental Health

Sanitary Nuisances

Sanitary nuisances are defined in Section 386, Part I Florida Statutes (FS). Commonly reported sanitary nuisances are sewage or odors from septic tanks or improperly functioning lift stations, garbage and illegal dumping, and lack of property maintenance that encourages the breeding of mosquitos and vermin. The Florida Department of Health in Indian River County (DOH-Indian River) investigates any alleged sanitary nuisance in Indian River County. If the investigated condition is determined to constitute a sanitary nuisance, DOH-Indian River may take necessary action to require the nuisance condition to be abated.

Facility and Other Complaints

DOH-Indian River staff respond to complaints regarding facilities permitted by the department. Indoor Air Quality complaints especially pertaining to mold are common (please see the Mold section within our Indoor Air Quality webpage). For information regarding landlord/tenant complaints and guidelines regarding your rights, please visit the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Landlord/Tenant Law in Florida webpage.

Please contact 772-794-7440 to report a sanitary nuisance condition.