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    1900 27th Street 

    Vero Beach, FL 32960 



One of the hardest things a person may hear in his/her lifetime is that he/she is infected with the HIV virus, or that they have AIDS.  In an effort to try to reduce the number of people affected by HIV or AIDS, the Florida Department of Health in Indian River County offers HIV counseling, testing, and education.  For those who test positive for HIV, we offer partner counseling and referral services.  Informing one's sex and needle sharing partners is a tough job, but they need to know.  We also have field staff who conduct HIV counseling and testing in the community to at-risk individuals, and provide HIV outreach testing and counseling services. For individuals living with HIV, we offer prescription assistance through our AIDS Drug Assistance Program.

Additionally, we will go into any business, church or organization within Indian River County to provide free education about how to prevent the spread of HIV or AIDS.  By educating the community about the virus and how it is spread, we hope to ease some of the fears that people have about HIV or AIDS.

HIV Testing

We offer Confidential and Anonymous HIV Testing. Results are usually available in two-three weeks. A lab processing fee of $25.00 is normally charged for an HIV test. The fee can also be waived under special circumstances.

HIV & AIDS Patient Care

We provide multiple services to persons with HIV.  For primary care, medical care and case management, please call 772-794-7477 or 772-473-5268 .

Visit the Florida Department of Health HIV/AIDS Information webpage for additional information and resources or call the Florida Department of Health in Indian River County at 772-794-7477 or 772-473-5268.